SemperSan® anti-diabetic sweetener revolution

The magic product

SemperSan® is a Sweet Whey Permeate organic sweetener product with proven anti-diabetic effects (in animal studies). At present time there are no other organic food substances known with anti-diabetic effects as bulk ingredient

SemperSan® is unique worldwide ✮.

SemperSan® Grades

SemperSan® grades have different specifications customized to different finished products
Classic – mineralized syrup 70%
Classic Sweet – de-mineralized syrup 70 %
Powder – about 90% dry matter (in developement)
Nutraceutical – peptide concentration (in developement)


  • it has an appealing bright colour
  • a pleasant taste
  • no aftertaste
  • a similar consistency as honey
  • high sweetening power

SemperSan® Benefits/USP​

  • Offers unique nutritional values
  • Regular intake stabilizes blood sugar
  • Offers food manufacturer development of new, tasty and healthier products
  • Can be used as bulk ingredient
  • Up to now unique as food substance with anti-diabetic effects

Pharmaceutical potential

Based on scientific studies which should be confirmed by future human studies SemperSan® has also great potential as a pharmaceutical product

Organic - SemperSan®

Organic is a organic food product which is in according to GRAS also fulfilling the criterions for organic products.

Grades and applications
Classic - SemperSan®

Classic is a food product fulfilling GRAS (General recognized as safe) criterions/FDA and can be used as anti-diabetic sweetener organic replacement of industrial sugar/sweetener in mass food products like soft drinks, sweets, yoghurts and pharmaceutical syrups etc.

Nutraceutical - SemperSan®

Nutraceutical is a organic food product for nutraceutical use, with additional technical specifications and potential health claims in diabetes prevention (see human clinical study protocol).