Scientific information - Clinical trials

The genes of SemperSan® management is characterized by search & discovery of unique food/consumer product innovations which are then tested & confirmed by working with international leading scientific experts/research institutiones in all phases of product development thus ensuring top quality.

R&D base

  • Successful scientific basic in vivo studies (sugar rats) at the leading German
    Institute of Diabetes “G.Katsch” , Karlsburg + Additional involvement of top-level scientific research Institutes like:
  • Technical University Munich
    TopLab Institute, Munich
     Cell Culture Service,  Hamburg
  • Institute of Food Technology, University of Life Science, Vienna
  • Institute of Taste Research, University Vienna
  • Institute of nutritional science, University Vienna
  • Bio-technology consulting, Vienna
  • Institute of Diabetes/Nutrition,University of Alberta/CA
  • Food Technology Consulting, Salzburg
  • Hoffmann.Eitle patent attorneys, Munich, Germany
  • INITS, Vienna`s High-Tech Incubator
  • Institute of Diabetes, Medical University Graz, Austria

Pancreas untreated

The revolutionary discovery:
A food substance regulates the
insulin secretion in the pancreas

Pancreas SemperSan® treated

SemperSan® treated
Hypertrophy and destruction of
the islet cells were reduced

Clinical Studies

  • Successful scientific basic in vivo animal studies at the leading
    German Institute of Diabetes “G.Katsch” (Zucker rats), Karlsburg/Germany
  • Human study protocol designed –in cooperation with University of  Alberta/Canada  in coordination with experts:
  • Prof. B. Fischer and Prof. H. Jäger, University Vienna.
  • Additional involvement of University of California
    Prof. E. Meyer, David Giffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Dr M. Boland principal scientist Massey University/NZ